Friday, June 16, 2006

A Case For Dental Hygiene

Berlin: A 70-year-old German shoplifter who tried to bite his way out of the clutches of police might have had more success if he had remembered to put his teeth in.

Police went to arrest the man after he failed to pay a fine for shoplifting. But when the squad arrived, he tried to flee through the back door, a police spokesman in the western German town of Braunschweig said on Thursday. "It looks like he forgot to put his teeth in ... One of our police officers got bitten several times, but the man didn't leave anything but a wet patch," he said.

...and THAT is a case for good dental hygiene!

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

News Of The Weird

The National Health Service office in Dundee, Scotland, has issued recommended toilet techniques for the estimated one-third of the population with bowel and bladder dysfunction, according to an April report in the Times of London. The pamphlet, "Good Defecation Dynamics," lists preferred breathing habits and describes the proper upright sitting position for effective elimination ("Keep your mouth open as you bulge and widen"), and encourages support for the feet, perhaps "a small footstool."

-News of The Weird

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