Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yeetle Box - Windhorst v. Senette

A New Orleans woman was jailed for 10 days after she went to court in low-riding shorts, revealing her underwear - little pink, frilly things, according to an eyewitness.

Kimberly Senette, 23, had gone to court to urge her brother Lawrence Senette, 18, to accept a plea deal. While Lawrence's attire fell within socially acceptable standards for dress according to the New Orleans Socially Acceptable Standards for Dress Within A Courtroom Overseen by A Judges Whose Last Name Begins With W (PL85a), Judge Steve Windhorst took a dim view of her revealing outfit and locked her up for contempt of court.

Judge Windhorst was overheard stating, "Wait'll I get my Haines on you!"

Miss Senette was wearing knee-length shorts which revealed her pants and the top of her buttocks (i.e. second cleavage), according to an eye witness.

When Judge Windhorst questioned her appearance, Miss Senette stated she had to remove her belt when going through a security checkpoint at the courtroom entrance. Judge Windhorst was not moved by her argument. Miss Senette was handcuffed and seated in a row behind her brother as he eventually accepted a 12-year prison sentence in exchange for his guilty plea to carjacking and giving a wedgie to a friend for which he had been wanted for two years.

“It certainly is not unheard of for a judge to hold a person in contempt for disruptive or disorderly dress in court,” stated the obligatory expert Dane Ciolino, a Loyola University law professor who was breezing through town some time during this incident.

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